Dorff Method for women’s self-defense

Dorff Inner-Strength Method for women’s self-defense


Getting into a fight can leave you hurt, injured and you even can get killed. But unfortunate things do happen and there are situations where facing them becomes unavoidable.  In these events, it would be to your advantage to have some good knowledge and moves to defend yourself in case prince charming turns out to be less charming. It is essential to have the right mindset and skills to handle yourself in these threatening situations.

Dorff Inner-Strength Method (DISM) will increase your fortitude both physically and mentally. DISM provides understanding and recognition of behavioral signals and patterns in ourselves and others that can prevent unpleasant and sometimes harmful situations.

Mastering principles of empowerment and self-defense will not only boost your confidence but will help you to turn negative situations into a positive outcome.

DISM introduces you to easy and adoptable self-defense and empowerment principles based upon effortless power. DISM will teach you how to protect yourself (and others) and have the right mindset to prevent, recognize and escape hostile situations.

be55aa92a9a67b52dfab2da2b9aee079DISM is developed for women of all walks of life regardless age or physical condition.

“It is my vision to empower women to be confident in any situation and I believe that every woman should have the basic knowledge and skills of how to defend herself in situations of mental and or physical altercation. The Dorff Inner-Strength Method puts equal emphasis on the mental and on the physical aspects. It is not a martial art that will take you years to master but it teaches you a frame of mind and essential skills to save you from threatening situations in a short period of time.” ~JD


Three reasons why to learn Self Defense

To boost your Confidence


Knowing some effective self-defense techniques will definitely give you a confidence boost. Dorff Inner Strength Method will change your attitude and gives you a ‘fighting chance’ against an attacker. Research shows that confident women get significantly less into harmful situations. DISM will change your mindset and confidence level.

To increase physical and mental strength


Dorff Inner-Strength Method improves your mental strength and it will teach you effective moves regardless of your physical strength. Through DISM you will learn the principles of effortless power. By applying these principles you will find a new sense of mental and physical strength, which will make you feel strong and fierce facing an assailant.

To keep yourself safe and protected


You never plan to be attacked, but an attacker is the one with a plan. Dorff Inner-Strength Method makes you more aware of your surroundings, it will change your beliefs in what you think you are capable of. The mental shift and practical skills can save you from potential harmful situations; hopefully by preventing violence, but if necessary you know now what to do when you are forced to protect yourself (and others).


You can do the Dorff Inner Strength-Method Programs without any previous experience with martial arts or self-defense. These programs will be customized to any level of skill or physical condition. We believe that everybody is capable of mastering basic self-defense and empowerment techniques.

      Personal confidence and mindset coaching

After four personal sessions you will have more confidence and mental strength. A highly effective personal program that strives to increase your confidence and mental fortitude. This  personal empowerment program can be done 100% online.

      Personal coaching and training

After four personal sessions you will  understand and able to apply the  Dorff Inner- Strength Method principles. This effective program works on your mental and physical fortitude. We will customize the program according to your needs.

      Groups coaching and training

After four sessions the participants of  these small group sessions will  understand and able to apply the Inner Strength Self defense principles. This effective program works on the participants mental and physical fortitude.

    In company coaching and training
    Dorff Inner-Strength Method has specific programs for in company trainings.
Founder of Dorff Inner-Strength Method: Jean Dorff

Jean is a successful Martial Artist and Ballroom Dancer. He developed an interest in movement at an early age. His studies of martial arts and dance brought him on the path of connecting movement and rhythm and connecting body, mind and soul. Through this he developed “Conscious Movement” and “Dorff Inner-Strength Method “. This deepened when he started to coach, teach and lecture both martial arts and dance. Jean taught and coached competitive dancers and fighters, amateurs and professionals, around the world. He now works as an international dance and empowerment coach.

Read his life story.

Let Your Inner Strength Be Your Outer Force

Let us explore which of the Dorff Inner-Strength Method Programs fits you best. Mastering basic principles of self-defense will not only boost your confidence but they can help you to turn negative situations into a positive outcome.

Fill out the below form and I will contact you to explore which of these programs fits you best.

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